Edition Block, Berlin
21. 02. - 15. 08. 2020

Exibited works:
Karo, 2020
Camou, 2020

Eva Scharrer

Edition Block was founded in 1966 by René Block. The first editions were produced in collaboration with artists, such as Wolf Vostell, Joseph Beuys, KH Hödicke, Sigmar Polke or Palermo and members of the international Fluxus movement, such as Nam June Paik, Dieter Roth and Robert Filliou. The result was multiplied artworks such as prints, objects, books, audio and video works. In the years that followed, the program was constantly expanded to include new artists and the latest art forms.

Artist Sunah Choi presents three variations of the edition „Karo“ in the exhibition for the first time in an expansive installation. The point of departure for the work is artist’s longstanding preoccupation with the motif of the window as a sculptural element, as well as with the design and function of window grilles, as they have been used for centuries in different cultures. A computer-generated video simulates the lighting conditions of a day by recreating the colors of light, whereby the course of the day was reduced from 12 hours to a few minutes.
In addition, a new series of seven photograms entitled „Camou“ are presented.